An Arctic Apparition

Kavya Muralidharan
2 min readFeb 17, 2021

How does a writer build an idea and pour his heart out?

Source: Pixabay

Staring at the clear papers,
As barren as the white snow
During the intense winters
Encompassing dry-brown willow.

But, I was not the only one in the room. Rather, a crackling sound from the burning wood at the fireplace and an idea struggling its way out accompanied my presence.

Seeking prey for the hungry belly,
I shut my eyes to concentrate steadily.
I wandered all alone about the frosty colony,
Crystallizing images in my mind in a cacophony.

Something caught my sight in the cold waters underneath,
There cruised a fat, grey seal that could be my meat.
Hence, I decided to wait by the ice hole,
As I could take a grab of the seal as a whole.

Although my tummy grumbled
after a long starvation period,
I stayed put and positioned
In anticipation to feed on the fresh food.

Finally, the seal leaped out of the hole from the freezing seas,
To take rest and bask under the sun and breathe air in the space.
My wait came to a close, and I pierced my canines,
Into the fat blubber of the glossy and grey seal.

I was just a polar bear devouring on my prey — An Arctic Apparition.

My endurance and craving transformed into thoughts.
The powerful words made their way to the fragility,
Of the papers, and that’s how a story is woven.

Source: Pixabay