COVID-19 Part 1: Just Born!

A poem of how the origin of the coronavirus overtook the world.

Kavya Muralidharan
2 min readAug 17, 2020
Dystopian Dream | Image Credits: Unsplash

A dystopian dream come true
With the world fighting a flu

The coronavirus took a liking to the human species.
As the infected numbers steered towards a steady increase
And the figures changed as erratic as the weather,
Nations shut down borders and had their people tethered.

At the dawn of this outbreak,
The virus took a toll on mankind.
Flights started their hibernation
In the midst of spring-summer.

Shunned out world | Image Credits: Unsplash

Schools declared their holidays so hesitantly
But kids’ faces bore smiles electrically.
They praised and hailed the virus,
Little did they know it was disastrous.

States demanded the closure of all borders
Which were sealed for transports and wanderers.
Businesses, big or small, ceased production
In the week following the eve of the virus’ propagation.

People masked at home and glued to their phones.
For the procrastinators, it was an invitation to postpone
And for the busy ones, it was their time to relax.
Both misinterpreted the proposed parallax.

Empty Streets | Image Credits: Pexels

The hustle in the cities came to an abrupt halt,
Traffic disappeared filling the place with quietude,
Animals chirped their lives into the silences
Of Nature that was once reticent to humans.

Then began a new era of humanity where,
Ironically, humans remained locked in their homes
And became an exhibit to the rest of the world.

Nature has its very own way to teach its kids!

Nature rules above everyone! | Image Credits: Unsplash