COVID-19 Part 2: Life through the new lens

Kavya Muralidharan
3 min readNov 16, 2020


With the virus lurking within the people,
a brief leave from the monotony was welcomed.

People shut behind their doors,
Silences filled in the empty lanes.
Eyes affixed to the television,
And ears to fancy earphones.
Soon, boredom shook everyone out of their couch.

Businesses hit, entrepreneurs frustrated by heavy losses,
Stock markets faced a massive crash underneath.
With plans of students deviated due to the crisis,
A dearth of unemployment intensified in cities.

A digital lifestyle born out of the pandemic,
Online meetings replaced conferences,
Bonds strengthened in family,
Work hours kept at a balance.

Work From Home | Online meetings. Source: Unsplash

Masks, whether surgical or not,
Trended in markets with soaring prices,
Restricted the flow of air in and out,
And subdued our voices in their folds.

Sanitizers and handwashes,
Emerged as a drifting move from normalcy.
With people hoarding them,
They emerged as the new weapons.

Visiting places became a rarity,
As cases increased eternally.

Disinfecting ourselves frequently is the key to safety. Source: Unsplash

Let go of the number of cases or the fear for the virus,
the mortals became more and more restless.

With lockdowns lifted from cities and towns,
Man felt newfound freedom in his hands.
He moved to and fro to various places,
Uninterrupted by the rising cases.

The affected population curve meandered.
Along with a rumour of a second wave,
The immunity in the individuals surged,
Leading to lesser casualties.

With research for the vaccine in progress,
Countries came together to partake in it.
Despite the failures of the medical research labs,
Hopes are rising in the hearts of mankind.

Opinions of people have evolved through enthusiasm and boredom,
Expectations tethered to undying hopes for the overall good of humanity.

Tablets and Vaccines. Source: Unsplash